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A Ben Barnes Livejournal Community
Welcome to
The Ben Barnes Livejournal Community

This is a new community and is currently going though changes.


1. I hope that we can all get on but I know at time that can not but personnal attacks are a big no no. Back up your options show proof of it don't attack the person.
2. No bashing of the Ben it's fine to say you don't agree with something that he has have done or said but don't slag them him off or call him bad names for it.
3. Please don't squee post I hate them just saying things like he's so hot is not a good post. It would be great if you can show us a picture and say doesn't he look good in it then we can all squee in the comments.
4. Please don't do introducion posts every week or two I will be putting up a post where we can all introduce ourselfs in and get to know each other more. The most recent intro post is here
5. Promoting of Ben related sites and communities ONLY. Only promote if you have something to add to the community within the post as well or I will delete.
6. Any LINKS to anything that is put on the community put up by mods must not be shared. This includes hot linking pictures and sharing passwords.
7. Large images and and more than 1 image must be put under a cut or a link must be given.
Find out how to lj cut Go here

8. No posts about selling items via your own site or others like ebay.
9. Please note if I delete a post it's because it is not suitable do not whine about it. The deletion of posts is the decision of the mod but if you believe a post is not suitable that someone else has put up let me know please do not bash the person for it.
10. Stealing of the default icon of the community or any personnal icons of the mods is a big no no. If I find someone using them I will shame you then ban you.
11. No direct linking when I find you direct linking the image will turn into a not nice graphic if after 3 days you still have not changed it then I will change it into a porn image. Don't whine about this rule if you get banned from other places because of it. It's your fault for direct linking not mine.

Please link the comunity using the address http://community.livejournal.com/ben_barnes

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